Dawson County, Nebraska

Front Office


The Dawson County Sheriff's Office serves the citizens of Dawson County, Nebraska and its visitors.  Below are the several divisions listed that allow us to operate at maximum efficiency.
ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF - Aside from the Sheriff and Chief Deputy, there are two Lieutenants.  One of these Lieutenants oversees the Road Patrol, Investigations Unit, and Civil Process.  The other Lieutenant oversees Courtroom security, inmate transportation, and jail operations.  

ROAD PATROL UNIT - This unit operates with 12 certified deputies, two of which are Sergeants that supervise those under their command.  Our main area of responsibility are responding to calls to the public, civil process assistance, traffic enforcement, village ordinance enforcement, and much more.  

INVESTIGATIONS UNIT - This unit operates with three full-time certified investigators, one of which is a Sergeant to supervise those under their command.  Some of the areas of responsibility within the Investigations Unit are investigating crimes ranging from theft to homicide.  The Investigations Unit participates with the C.O.D.E. (Cooperative Drug Enforcement) task force and S.C.A.L.E.S. (South Central Area Law Enforcement Services) task force.  There are two certified deputies who handle the majority of the Civil Process services. 

CORRECTIONS UNIT -  This unit operates with 35 employees, some of which are certified law enforcement deputies.  There are five Sergeants that supervise this unit.  Some of their responsibilities include the security of the Dawson County Jail and its inmates, inmate care and enforcement, and much more.  

COMMUNICATIONS - This unit operates with 9 full-time, 2 part-time dispatchers, and a supervisor.  Dispatchers handle all 911 calls, communications, and radio traffic for area police, fire, and rescue.