Dawson County, Nebraska

Front Office


Onsite Visitation

-All visits must be scheduled by midnight the night before the requested time

-Visitors must check in ten minutes before the scheduled visit

-Visits are a maximum of thirty minutes in length, depending on when inmates and/or visitors log in

-Inmates are authorized four half hour onsite visits per week

-All visitors must provide proper state or government issued photo identification

-Only one child will be allowed in the visitation room at a time. All other children MUST be accompanied by an adult in the main lobby.

-Visitors personal belongins are not allowed in the visitation room. There are lockers available for $.25 for belongings (cell phone, purse, etc)

-No personal contact visits are allowed with inmates

-Cell phones are not allowed in the visitation room

-Food and beverages are not allowed in the visitation room
TO REGISTER GO TO www.visitel.us